Harder Better Faster Stronger!…most of all Faster!!! Jetzt!

Do you find yourself slow at reading?

If the answer is yes, well, you’re definitely not alone!

(Oh my I feel like a television seller…)

However I’m also slow at reading!

Willingly to became faster I started to look around and read (slowly :P) articles related to the possibility to increase my reading speed.

Most of them reported good practices and exercises and some of them even reported tools and programs (e.g. desktop and mobile apps) able to help in increasing the reading speed.

Among them I’ve found a really interesting Chrome extension called Jetzt.

Sincerely I really felt in love with it!

It’s easy to install, to use and is evolving pretty fast!

Once loaded into Chrome you can simply invoke it by selecting some text in a Web page and press the keyboard combination Alt-s. Try it! 🙂

The algorithm on which it founds its roots is able to take into consideration the punctuation and so it’s able to grant a really pleasing reading experience.

If you like it like or if you simply find some bugs don’t hesitate to contribute 😉

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