The .uk TLD has arrived

At 8:00am on June 10th, registrars began to allow the registration of the .uk TLD for all. Previously, and were the most common used, and .uk was reserved mostly for government usage, such as or

In order to prevent domain-squatting, Nominet, the registry behind the .uk domain reserved all .uk domains that had an existing counterpart until 2019. However, this still means that you need to pay for a new .uk domain if you own an existing site.

The release of the domain has not been met with great enthusiasm. Low demand, increased consumer confusion, the devaluation of the domain, and the fact that businesses are being pressured to move from the domain through an increase of costs, create the perception that this move by Nominet is simply a 5-year-late money grab.

To purchase a .uk domain, I recommend using a third party registrar rather than Nominet such as namecheap or Gandi as these are both cheaper and faster.

With the exclusion of “.co”, comes the opportunity for more creative domains, check out for some inspiration.

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