Barebon, a minimal prototyping framework based on Bourbon and Neat

Say hello to the first, unpolished version of Barebon!

Barebon is a simple skeleton boilerplate for fast static page prototyping. It provides a friendly environment for front-end developers who love Sass and CoffeeScript. It also comes with a super-easy Grunt configuration that helps you to start hacking on your project right away.


Legit question! I absolutely love and use HTML5 boilerplate and Yeoman, but when it comes to super-simple static pages prototyping they’re just… overkill. I just wanted a neat, easy “framework" for these kinds of websites.

Since I’ve been enjoying Bourbon and Neat for a while I’ve decided to give it a try and make something focused on that. I liked it, so I thought I could share it with teh internetz.

How easy is it?

VERY easy. If you already have npm and grunt-cli installed, you just need to fork the repo, get in the folder and run $ npm install. When done, you just need to spawn the grunt watcher (that includes a Livereload feature), and you can start hacking on your code! 

Gimme dat repository link already!

Ok, ok! You can find Barebon on Github. Feel free to give it a try – any feedback is obviously appreciated!

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