Learn Apple’s Swift Language: free online resources

During a meeting last week, I was discussing with a colleague about Swift courses, in his view it’s too early to attend a Swift course because nobody has mastered it completely yet. I think it’s better, in the beginning, to build your knowledge with online resources. But besides the iBook and the official documentation released by Apple*, what are some good resources to start learning Swift? 

I’ve done my homework and here is the list I’ve put together:

An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Swift by Treehouse

Swift Cheat Sheet and Quick Reference by Ray Wenderlich

Swift Cheat Sheet 

Swift Language on Youtube – the biggest set of Apple Swift programming language video tutorials and how-to guides.

We Swift – tutorials and guides about Swift

How to use Objective-C Classes in Swift

Interesting Swift Features by Mike Ash


Sososwift – it’s a great collection of Swift materials which updates frequently.

LearnSwift.tips – A curated list of helpful resources to learn Swift. Tutorials, Code Samples, References and more

Ray Wenderlich’s tutorials – collection of Swift tutorials available on Ray Wenderlich’s site

Swift subreddit

Swift Questions on Stackoverflow

Swift repositories on Github

Learn-by-doing resources or online courses:

Build Your First iOS Game – build a Tetris clone in Swift using SpriteKit

Swift Tutorial by Jameson Quave

Learn Apple’s New Programming Language Step By Step – An Udemy course

Fullstack.io made a swift implementation of Flappy Bird and they will soon release an online course (“Game programming on Swift”).

2048 – Swift implementation of popular 2048 game

* Apple’s resources:

iBook – freely available on iTunes

Official Documentation 

Swift Blog 

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