Media keys not working on Mac OSX? This might be the solution

If you’re on a Macintosh and your media keys (play/forward/rewind) are not working, don’t panic! There could be a simple solution.

First, if none of your upper keyboard controls are working (screen brightness, key brightness, volume, etc.), then this tip might not help you – your Mac might be experiencing some hardware issues.

If this isn’t the case, well, go ahed and give it a try!

It’s not iTunes

Your problem might be the Google Play Music Chrome Extension.

The extension that you might have installed after having visited the Google Play Music website overwrites the key bindings on your system, preventing any other application to use them (iTunes, VLC, or any other media player that uses them). What now?

It’s in the preferences

First, open the Settings from the top right menu:

Then, click on the “Extensions” section on the left side:

After that, you should scroll all the way down, where you’ll see a link in the bottom right section. Click on it:

A modal will pop up with a comprehensive list with all the applications that use keyboard shortcuts. You’ll see that the Google Play Music extension has our precious media keys binded to it. Click on the small cross at the right of the four labels and then click Ok.

Et voilà! We can take control on our iTunes library once again.

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