Italian Ruby Day – 2014

RubyDay is the most important conference held in Italy for the developers interested in Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Mikamai supports RubyDay since its first edition and for our developers it’s a chance to be inspired, meet new people and hang out with old friends…

This is the complete list of talks and speakers with slides, videos & other useful stuffs:

Service Oriented Architecture for Robust & Scalable Systems by Ole Michaelis – This is the video of the same talk at PHP UK Conference

More fun, less pain: a strategy for writing maintainable Rails admin backends by Stefano Verna – Slides on SpeakerDek

Streamline your development environment with Docker by Giacomo Bagnoli – Slides on Slideshare

Web server challenge by Filippo Gangi Dino and Alessandro Fazzi

The Design of Everyday Ruby by Ju Liu – Slides on SpeakerDek

Miele per le nostre API by Fabrizio Monti, Matteo Piotto, and Federico Parodi – An example on GitHub / Slides on SpeakerDek

Build the perfect web application with these 12 weird tricks by Ole Michaelis – Slides on

Ruby over Rails by Giuseppe Modarelli – Blog Post

Safety Nets: Learn to code with confidence by Christophe Philemotte – Slides & Video from RedDotRuby 2014

Frontend: riorganizzare (di nuovo) il caos by Matteo Papadopoulos and Stefano Verna

Ruby’s influence over the Elixir language by Paolo Montrasio – Slides on Slideshare & Docs 

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