Pay by Selfie, a new way to verify payments



This is probably one of the most popular hashtags, and it may soon become much more than just a self-photograph.

In fact, MasterCard is testing a new method of authentication for payments based on the “put your face on it” concept: no more codes and passwords but just get a selfie to validate the transaction.

“The new generations are used to take pictures, will find it funny,” said Ajay Bhalla, who works in the company technological development dept.


By downloading the app you can make payments by getting a selfie and your face will be turned into an algorithm that will be sent via Internet to MasterCard.

You will need to blink to confirm “the shot”, in order to prove that it is indeed your face and not a photo of you that is being captured by the camera. This strategy had already been put in place to o overcome the problem created with the first versions of smartphone’s future face-to-unlock.

As for the management of personal data and rights to the images, Ajay Bhalla points out that the software does not record the fingerprints and pictures in memory, but converts them into a binary sequence of 1 or 0 stored on their servers.

But MasterCard is not going to stop here, and to revolutionize the world of payments is also testing validations linked to fingerprints, voice and heartbeat.

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