Atom, 18 days in

I wanted to give you a quick update on my Atom test drive, 18 days in, as it  keeps going.

First things first: IT IS SLOW. This is actually so bad that even if I like everything else (and I am liking it), I might drop Atom because of that. 

Apart from the abysmal performance, Atom looks nice, and, while I have to be careful not to hit Emacs chords, all the keyboard defaults are nice.

Here’s a list of plugins I am using for now. It will probably grow as I use it more, and I will probably remove something, but here it is:

  • git-blame-plus (but I have no idea what it does, I liked the name)
  • git-plus (nice git integration, but definitely not magit)
  • language-docker (you know, I love Docker)
  • markdown-pdf (after all pdf is the 4th most popular religion)
  • minimap
  • tree-view-git-status

For visual pleasure, and that’s one of the most important reasons to switch to Atom:

  • seti-ui
  • seti-syntax

That’s it for today!

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