Android Pay

Google has finally launched its payment service via Android smartphones: Android Pay.


Android Pay stores the credit card data in the phone memory and uses the NFC module to make the payment. Therefore it is able to take advantages of this service even without Internet.

But Android Pay can also be used to make in-app purchases.


Soon, Android Pay will also be able to store loyalty card data.

The set up is very easy, just open the app, which will be pre-installed on new devices or simply download it from the Play Store, take a picture of the card providing some other service information, then.. just tap to start paying through Android Pay.


Given the sensitivity of this service Google has paid particular attention to safety.

Even bringing the device close to the NFC module of the shop is sufficient to make the purchase, the transaction still requires that the user gives explicit permission by clicking a button. Every purchase is also communicated in real time to the person concerned, and in case of phone theft, it’s possible lock the phone and consequently Android Pay via the Android Device Manager.
As an additional security measure Android Pay does not send the number of the credit card but uses the number of a virtual account.

Android Pay hits the US market in strong partnership with renowned brands such as American Eagle, Mc Donald’s, Macy’s, Coca Cola and Toys “R” Us and with the support of the major credit cards and debt, as American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.
Yet we still don’t know when it will arrive in Europe

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