Firefox OS Dev Preview

There is so much curiosity about Firefox OS and now we have the chance to try it on our Android terminals.


But let’s step back .. What is Firefox OS?


Firefox OS is an open source operating system developed by Mozilla based on the Linux kernel. It is available for smartphones, tablets and smart TVs.

Firefox OS is designed to provide a complete, community-based operating system for running web applications. Both the user interface and the installed applications use standards such as JavaScript and HTML5 and they exploit open web APIs for communicating with the hardware.

Firefox OS has three main layers:

  • Gonk – the lowest level consists of the Linux kernel and the hardware abstraction layer (HAL).
  • Gecko – the application runtime that supports the three web standards HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Gaia – the user interface of the operating system.

Few days ago Mozilla released an apk easy to install on any Android device to allow you to try the version 2.5 of its OS.


After the installation you will be presented with the launcher of Mozilla’s OS with the list of applications featuring both the applications that you have already installed and the default Firefox OS ones.


The apk allows you to try many features of the open source operating system developed by Mozilla but it is guilty of being a developer preview. In fact it is  not suitable for daily use due to some (many) lags and bugs (eg does not detect the sim).

Apart from this, is undoubtedly a good way to try out the new features of Firefox OS.

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