Milan Codemotion 2015

Last week Milan hosted one of the events that I personally find more interesting among all those held in Italy. Together oviously with its twin, the Rome Codemotion πŸ˜‰

The reason why I value a lot Codemotion events and conferences is that they really encompass many different fields of the tech industry and so they gather a lot of people with different backgrounds and expertises.

Enterprises, startups, makers, developers, engineers, students and academics but also β€œsimple” tech addicted, participate in these events bringing their store of knowledge and experiences. This diversity gives everybody the opportunity to improve themselves a lot by granting at the same time a concrete motivational boost.

Personally this is the third year I participate to the Milan Codemotion (thank you Mikamai ;)) but this is actually the first time that I find myself writing about it.

This year I had the opportunity to follow some pretty interesting talks about TDD, Docker, Erlang, Elixir and obviously PHP considering the presence of its creator Rasmus Lerdorf.

The talk about PHP7 was particularly interesting for me not so much for the big performance improvements highlighted by Rasmus but for the fact that the language will be finally AST based.

The possibility to obtain right in your app the representation of the code that is actually used by the compiler (yep, PHP is interpreted but there is still a compilation phase that generates opcodes) will enable the implementation of a wide range of static analysis techniques. This is made possible thanks to Nikita’s php-ast extension.
Before PHP7 this could be accomplished by relying on external parsers like the PHP-Parser developed by the same Nikita of the over mentioned extension. These tools, as good as they may be, were always subject to possibile misalignements with the language. This problem does not apply to the php-ast extension as the language relies on the representation generated by it.

Given this big improvement, together with all the other features masterfully presented by Rasmus, all we can do is to eagerly wait a few more weeks for PHP7 release.

The next time I will, most likely, write about Elixir as it was beautifully presented by Gabriele Lana exactly after Rasmus talk about PHP7.

Before concluding this brief article I want to deeply thank the whole Codemotion team. It is a special and incredible team that every year work hard to organize and deliver a great event. The commitment of each and every person in the team is tangible and I think I am not the only one who feels how hard they believe in what they do. You are amazing!

Thank you!

Cheers and hopefully to the next year! πŸ˜‰

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