What I’ve learned at jsday 2016 in Verona

I had the chance to participate to jsday in Verona early this year and I wanted to make a small summary to all of you that couldn’t be there. I really liked Kitze’s idea to write about React Amsterdam conference he attended.

Unfortunately this summary can’t be complete since there were 2 distinct tracks and I couldn’t follow both of them at the same time but still, I hope this can be interesting for you anyway.

I’ll add slides and videos links as soon as they are available.



The big topic was Functional reactive programming, or RxJs if you prefer.
That seems like the big thing in javascript 2016.

2 talks, a workshop and mentions in many talks, all about Functional reactive programming.

Day 1

First Keynote: What we need from the Web, and what it needs from us.

@shwetank, Opera developer, talked about Progressive web apps, probably the second big thing in javascript 2016. It was fun because I just attended another great conference at google Italia few days before the jsday on the exact same topic. I was thinking PWA was mostly (only) a Google thing but I was happy to realize other browsers are thinking about it as a way to save the web against mobile native development.

How can PWA beat native?
Basically the native approach forces you to install the application in order to try it out. PWAs, instead, give you a try before install model.
Pretty much the same capabilities:

  • Add to home screen
  • Work offline
  • Push notifications
  • Plus the web’s power: different urls, SEO, accessibility…

without the need for installing.
With PWA you let the user choose and that for @shwetank can be the key.

Functional Programming and Async Programming Workshop

The topic was tempting but then after a short and interesting introduction from @mattpodwysocki people lost interest.

Everybody was following the exercise from the reactivex site, that I really encourage you to do, but I’d rather have done it at home than spending my time there during the conference.

This is not a critique towards him or the organization, just a reminder for me that next time I’d rather focus on talks.

Anyway the presentation slides can be found here along with all the other assets and I encourage you to check them out.

Forgotten funky functions

@jakobmattsson gave a quick talk about javascript in general and the simple things you can easily accomplish with function but you may have forgotten. In javascript everything seems really simple, but still you can do great things.

He talked about 3 main topics:

  • functional programming
  • meta programming
  • there is no class

@jakobmattsson discussed about apply, call, clojures, eval. Topics that (almost) every js developer has doubt about.

He concluded with a useful explanation on ES6 or coffeescript classes syntactic sugar that you may not need if you already have a solid understanding of Object.create. Here the slides

Functional Reactive programming with React.js

Spoiler alert, @lucamezzalira didn’t talk about react at all! In the end what he really talked about was cycle.js; nonetheless it was a good excursus about RxJs.

You have to start learning a few concepts to understand reactive programming, like streams, cold and hot observables and operators.

If you are using a Flux implementation for your front end architecture or even worst MVC / MVVM / MV* pattern, you are living in the past! Say hello to MVI aka Model View Intent.

I’m personally quite happy with Redux for now but I think you need at least to know what’s going on around you.

The conclusion was that Functional Reactive programming isn’t always the best thing to do but for sure it’s great when you need to fetch lots of data and react to them.
You can find slides here.

Out of the browser and onto the streets

@Rumyra did the most pleasant talk of the day, with music and visual, it was party time already!

Apparently she’s VJing around projecting visual animations on buildings along with music. I’d love to see her live. Unfortunately she hasn’t had the chance to do it during the party in Verona, but maybe next year 😀.


She talked about the newest web APIs such as animation, audio, stream and midi. I encourage you to check her github account. It’s not that easy to find samples but you can have an idea about her projects.

She showed us a demo with voice control using a microphone and then another mixing music, video and visual animation.

Last she ended up showing her handmade bag with a mac and her “mini” MIDI controller inside that she’s using for VJing.

Did you like this review? Here you can find Day 2

Stay tuned

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