Ruby Days

As many people found out with dismay, this year’s Rubyday coincided with another big event, the Codemotion here in Milan. In Mikamai we rolled out a ‘divide and conquer’ plan, so while @fusillicode was -super-efficiently as usual- covering Codemotion, three of us set out for Florence. Tiny adv block: at our stand we were giving away the lovely Mikamai mug, so if you weren’t so lucky as to get one, be sure to be there next year!

This was my first time at RubyDay and I was positively impressed at how international the event was. As I am not a developer, some of the talks were a bit out of my depth, nonetheless I could appreciate their quality. @arkh4m’s flamboyant Elixir-on-Raspberry demo, @jodosha’s passionate portrayal of contributing to open-source and @nusco’s recursive non-defense of refinements were highlights at least for me.

I was curious to take part to @andreareginato and @realfuzzy’s workshop about what it means to be a fullstack and what is the true benefit they can bring to a team. Michele and Andrea’s conclusions were quite deep and thought-provoking, however I feel that they suffered somewhat of the workshop being the last of Saturday afternoon and everybody being a bit out of gas.

On a different note, a talk which was unexpectedly engaging for me was @adamzdanielle’s feat about writing Ruby methods that are faster than Ruby’s own. I found Danielle’s talk to be insightful as well as entertaining and I think that having more women in the dev (Ruby) community is as much a matter of introducing young women to the joys and sorrows of the trade – which was the topic of a different talk in the morning – as it is a matter of supporting the excellent work done by many lady coders out there.

I had a great time at RubyDay this year and I hope next year I will be able to attend again, meeting people who share the same love of clean code and that share thoughts and experiences for making it even better.

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