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Whoever uses a laptop finds out that there are situations where they want more available space on their desktop. For this reason, working with an external monitor can make you much more productive. When you are at home or at your office, you probably have a secondary display for your laptop but not when you are outside.

As many developers, I have a 13 inches MacBook and sometimes I need to have extra space to better handle multi-tasking and to increase my productivity. Now, there is a solution for those who want to have the advantages of an extra monitor even outside the office: DuetDisplay.

Duet is the first application that allows you to use your iPad as an extra monitor for your Mac, using a lightning cable. Unlike the alternative applications, it has zero lag because the iPad is connected via cable instead of WiFi. It can deliver a retina display up to 60 frames per second.

Installing Duet Display is quite easy. Just download the app from the AppStore on your iPad and on your Mac and then restart the computer.

The app’s creator guarantees that it “increases of productivity by up to 48%”. As a matter of fact, Duet Display is great to keep an eye on Slack while writing code on the code on the main monitor.

However, if you think that one iPad is not enough, you can also connect a second one and with the help of these clips, called Mountie Clips, you can turn your Mac into a triple-display laptop.

Anyway, if you think that your iPad displayis too small to work as secondary monitor for your laptop, there is yet another (much expensive) solution: the brand new Razer Project Valerie. Presented at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, the world’s first automated triple 4K display laptop, allows to triple your normal productivity (and your gaming skills) without any compromise.

In fact, you can take “advantage of each display independently, running multiple applications simultaneously allowing for multi-tasking like never before”. The release date is not yet known as well as we expect the price to be as stunning as its features.

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