Project Jacquard, smart clothes for Google

Presented at the Google I/O 2015, Project Jacquard is a project born in the ATAP Division (Advanced Technology and Products), the father of Project Ara and Project Tango, whose purpose is to create smart clothing that can interface with our devices via Bluetooth.

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MESUIT, from iOS to Android and back

A smartphone with a sophisticated design like an iPhone but with inside all the flexibility that Android OS allows.

This is the dream of many users, and many manufacturers have tried (with poor results, editor’s note).

From China comes the first solution to meet this need, it is called MESUIT and is a cover for the iPhone that allows the smartphone of Cupertino to use the Android operating system.


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NexDock, when smartphone becomes a laptop

In an increasingly mobile world where the use of smartphones and tablets gains more ground than the use of the PC, users need to combine the convenience of the mobile devices with the usability offered by the PC. In this window of opportunity is making its way NexDock.

NexDock is the project of the same name startup that aims to make each mobile device a real laptop.

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Accelerated Mobile Pages. Instant. Everywhere.

New technologies and new devices have definitely changed the way we design and develop the web.

Now every user can see every website on mobile devices thanks to an adaptive layout but the real problem is the loading time of contents. Users want to enjoy the contents of a website in real time but that is not always possible, especially if the websites is very rich of contents.

And here comes the ’Accelerated Mobile Pages Project


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