Why don’t women do IT?

Women’s presence in the IT workforce is appallingly low, a fact so renowned it even deserves its own wikipedia page.

As with all socio-cultural phenomena, it is difficult to pin it down to any specific reason; however, education and gender-related stereotypes have been blamed among the major causes of women’s lack of interest in IT careers.

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How non-responsive websites are dragging Google down

Some weeks ago here at Mikamai we were considering the advantages of a mobile-first approach to web apps development, in a situation where mobile web browsing is bound to soon surpass desktop browsing.

It turns out that the slowness in the web application market to adapt to the mobile revolution may be threatening even a giant like Google. This might appear surprising, given that Google boasts some of the most mobile-friendly apps and software; a linkedin post reveals the facts behind this apparent paradox.

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Windows on quantum computing

It is recent news that over the past decade Microsoft has been pursuing a research project aimed at building a quantum computer. The news may appear surprising, given that quantum computation is generally thought to be an object of far-fetched theoretical research. But is it really so? In this post we’ll get a taste of what quantum computation is, and how far (or how close) we may be to it.

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Predictive algorithms are watching your shopping cart

Back in the times when it was an online bookseller and not today’s ecommerce giant, Amazon used to rely upon human-written book reviews for suggesting the next book purchase to its customers. However, when a predictive algorithm was experimentally introduced, Amazon quickly found out that the algorithm-generated recommendations led to more purchases than human-generated ones, at a fraction of the price.

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Will an Apple(watch) a day keep the Doctor away?

Smartwatches: fashion or function?

With the Apple watch and a number of other smartwatches on the rage, it’s not idle to wonder whether this kind of devices are just a transient fashion or they are here to stay. Tech companies themselves seem to lack a clear picture of what is the value proposition behind this kind of product, given that marketing strategies range wildly from geek-captivating videos to Vogue covers.

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Rumination: Facebook, experiments and morals


There’s been a great fuss as of late around the so-called “Facebook emotion experiment”, an investigation conducted by Facebook-affiliated scientists which involved manipulating the news feed of around 700’000 FB users in order to learn about the mechanism of emotional response to content posted by others.

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