Atom and vim-mode

Some years ago I started using VIM, mostly because it was nerdy and cool!

Back to serious, I had to manage some servers, edit nginx/ftp/ssh/mail config etc. all via ssh and at the same time I had to develop the apps that run on these servers, in short some dev-ops tasks.

VIM seemed a natural choice be it just to have a consistency in my development environment. So I started using it, initially the modal mode was strange but now I can’t think of using an editor without this mode.

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XLS Export in ActiveAdmin

Today I want to talk about my recent experience with ActiveAdmin and export to XLS.

To obtain an XLS from ActiveAdmin we currently have two simple solutions that allow us to do it in a short time: activeadmin-axlsx and activeadmin-xls. The second takes much from the first.

Unfortunately for me, neither of the two was giving me the result that I wanted, therefore I decided to approach the problem from a lower level and use spreadsheet.

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DIY: Simple Ruby Tokenizer and Parser that recognize Polish notation

These days I had to create a parser that recognized a particular type of string.

With this article I’ll propose you a simple approach to write a simple Tokenizer and Parser, in Ruby, that recognize the Polish notation

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