Add a column for account recovery documentation by runasand · Pull Request #1348 · 2factorauth/twofactorauth

Add a column for account recovery documentation by runasand · Pull Request #1348 · 2factorauth/twofactorauth

ThreeWP Broadcast: S3 support

If you have a WordPress Multisite (or WordPress Network) with the ThreeWP Broadcast plugin and you would like to move your assets on Amazon S3 you certanly have to deal with with one annoying problem.

The problem is, whenever you broadcast a new blog entry on other sites, the copy_attachment() method doesn’t work, no attachments are copied on the broadcasted posts.

This gist has a solution:

With this little hack S3 hosted images are broadcasted correctly.

Install Ruby 1.8.7 on OSX Yosemite

With the release of OSX Yosemite, Ruby 1.8.7 is definitely gone from the default system configuration. I decided to make a clean install of Yosemite and since then I faced an issue while trying to install ruby 1.8.7 via RVM. The problem was a dependency on gcc46 which could not be resolved. Continue reading “Install Ruby 1.8.7 on OSX Yosemite”

Learn Apple’s Swift Language: free online resources

During a meeting last week, I was discussing with a colleague about Swift courses, in his view it’s too early to attend a Swift course because nobody has mastered it completely yet. I think it’s better, in the beginning, to build your knowledge with online resources. But besides the iBook and the official documentation released by Apple*, what are some good resources to start learning Swift?  Continue reading “Learn Apple’s Swift Language: free online resources”

Tweet highlighted text with TweetEverything

If readers of your wordpress site/blog come across a snippet of text they want to Tweet, you know the drill: they have to copy it, open Twitter, create a new message, then paste in the text there and then hit the send button…it’s not that difficult, but what if there was an even easier way? Well, there is, and I’ve just published a WordPress plugin, TweetEverything, to allow tweeting highlighted text with a single click.

Here is the plugin’s page on

Want to contribute? Visit TweetEverything on GitHub .