A front-end tale: Google Places Library, jQuery promises and Coffeescript

When it comes to define my working position I often need to state (and clarify) the differences between design, frontend and backend development.
Given my academic background and my interests I can easily be considered more a backend developer than a frontend. I do not have a great “esthetic sense” and despite my knowledge of HTML5 and CSS (with all its SCSS, SASS, LESS and so on) I do not have the expertise of a “real frontend developer”.
Don’t get me wrong, I studied Javascript basics and I like to keep myself updated with its community news but still, it is not (at least for now ;P) my area of expertise.


Nevertheless I like to solve problems independently on their nature and so if there is a “frontend problem” to tackle I’m always ready to dive in.

This is exactly what happened last week.

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Favicons for everyone!

I think every Web dev know this.

Web development, in particular front-end stuff, can be really though.

There aren’t many standards you can follow when dealing with the evil entities called browsers and so you must often rely on quirks to make your products look good on each one of the over mentioned evil entities.

One example? Favicons.

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