Using HTML5 date fields mantaining backward compatibility

Chrome and Opera (respectively from versions 20 and 12) implement a native date picker. Now, when you have an input field with the date type:

<input type="date" name="user[born_on]" id="user_born_on" />

these two browsers will automatically inject in the page their native datepicker, according to the input[type=date] HTML5 specs.

Native datepicker

And, at least in Chrome, the widget is really really good.

Btw, this doesn’t happen only for date fields. In fact in HTML5 we can find other new input types specifically created to deal with dates and times: datetime, datetime-local, time. Chrome and Opera will show a picker also for these input types.

There is only one little, negligible problem: as I said this feature is implemented only in Chrome and Opera!
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