Integrate Meteor with Kendo UI

At the end of last year I’ve been involved in a testdrive project aimed to explore the possibility of replacing good old desktop applications with modern web applications, a demanding task, but nonetheless a fun one.

The client gave me complete freedom to chose whatever technology I wanted, except for some key elements, one of them was Kendo UI, a widget library they had been testing for a while with an impressive list of features and components.

On my side I’ve decided to put Meteor on test, I confess, I’m not the biggest Javascript fan around, but I’ve rarely felt so confident with a new platform like I’ve been with Meteor, so I went for it.
The biggest advantage Meteor gave us was speed, we’ve been able to put together an incredible (IMHO) amount of work in a very short period of time.

Long story short: the project was a success, everything was good, we also had the opportunity to experiment on the infrastructure side, and I’ve learned a lot in those few months, about things I could never have accessed otherwise.

There was only one small glitch that constantly bugged me: the integration between Meteor and Kendo, especially in regards to reactivity.

Meteor might not be the new kid on the block anymore, but it’s not the well established framework either: there was no official Telerik package for Meteor, and I had to roll my own, learning by doing.

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