The PHP “Blog (Poll) in 15 minutes”

Are you a Rubyst? Do the words “Blog in 15 minutes” sound familiar?

Here you can find something similar but in PHP. 

Phalcon is a web development framework (another one!) that claims to be easy to use but also the fastest among its family.

How can it be so fast? Simple, it is packed as a C extension! The drawback? If you need to hack or fix some bugs in the core you must know C 😛

PHP Static Analysis

If you want to statically analyze the source code you surely need to first parse it and obtain a form of Abstract Syntax Tree (AST). PHP-Parser lets you do that!

You just need to pass the parser the code, then it will return a code representation that you can use to implement several types of analysis.

We’re relying on it to create an in-memory model of an entire source base using Redis to do, afterwards, some type inference analysis. It works pretty well!