ECS and KISS dockerization of WordPress

ECS (EC2 Container Service) is one of the latest Web services released by Amazon and it is among the cool kids around. Why? Well it let you deploy and administer Docker containers by integrating deeply with the other Web services offered by Amazon. To name a few, ELB (Elastic Load Balancer), Launching Configuration and Auto Scaling Groups (ASG).

At the base of ECS reside two fundamental concepts, tasks and services.

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A modern workflow for WordPress using Docker and Dokku

Dokku + WordPress

Every developer, sooner or later, had to deal with WordPress, given it is one of the most popular Blog/CMS platform, if not the most popular.
According to Wikipedia, roughly 22% of the web sites run on it, (it means one web site in five) it is widely know by users, it has a large community (over 30 thousand contributed plugins) and it is easily supported by designers.

Unfortunately WP was targeted at non-developer people, it had a great success as hosted platform, but working with it from the developer perspective, especially if we look at the workflow, looks clunky and outdated.

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